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    Detox Cleanse Program

    Body Cleanse Program to Remove Toxins The Natural Way

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Why Detox?

According to a study by Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseases, 45% of the adults in the United States suffer from at least one chronic disease. A detox plan uses a combination of diet  and life style changes to help you lead a more healthful, balanced and fuller life.  Our 14 day Holistic Full Body Detox program provides you with the knowledge, tools and resources to cleanse and revitalize your mind and body. The plan utilizes the perfect diet for human health and is backed by the most up to date research and years of experience.

What will change in my life?

Our proven combination of wholesome foods and lifestyle techniques help to nourish and heal the body.

What is it like to go through the program?

As part of the program we will provide practical research backed insights that will help you to find out the root cause of all the illness and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Our 14 day coaching, guidance and support will enable you to understand your body mechanism resulting in a variety of benefits like weight loss, better sleep and energy, relief from chronic health problems and improved digestion.

  • flex health and wellness detox program testimonial

    Thanks so much for the Detox program! I have never felt better! Learning to eat healthy is fun! This program anyone can do and actually enjoy it too! I definitely recommend going to it!

    - Madeline Martinez

This 2 week program addresses the common roots of all illness




Acidosis and stress

Here is what you may experience by the end of two weeks

Weight loss up to 10 pounds

Improved digestion

Relief from chronic health problems

Better energy and mood

Less congestion, allergies, joint pain, and fluid retention

Better sleep and skin


How to lose weight without effort

The perfect diet for human health

The 4 foods you should never eat

How to manage diabetes naturally

Why toxins are keeping us fat and sick

How to alkalize and detoxify effectively

How to heal your digestive tract...the foundation of health.

You will

Eat an abundance of nutrient rich foods

Drink a delicious, alkalizing green juice

Consume the most delicious and nutritious protein shake

Take 4 high quality supplements, included in cost

Be full, happy and healthy