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Success Stories

  • Have participated in several detox programs with Nancy and always feel great during and after the program. Learn something new each time and incorporate lifestyle changes that improve my long term eating habits and overall health. I will continue to be a loyal patron and look forward to the next detox.

    David Osborne

  • This morning when I got in my car, I stopped to reflect. Wow, I thought. No gas and bloating, no morning fogginess, no jitters from caffeine, no achy joints, no constipation, no diarrhea, no cravings, no yawning excessively, and no crankiness. In addition, I slept well, ate well, drank well and lost 6 pounds. Trust me, this has never happened on any other plan, ever!


  • Thank you, Nancy! I found the 2-week detox program to be challenging, wonderful, informative, and as you noted, empowering. I plan to continue week 1 eating--this is a lifestyle choice for me that I'm fully embracing. Your emails were great. I have kept them as a resource.

    Sabrina Volkert

  • Thanks for everything. As of yesterday I am down 21 pounds since I started the end of October. I feel better, think better, sleep better and have become much more productive. Also, Maggie has been cooking and it actually has brought us together each night for dinner. Before there were many nights when we didn't eat together. We are definitely going to continue the program as close as possible. This process has been a real eye opener and I can't thank you enough.


  • Thanks so much for the Detox program! I have never felt better! Learning to eat healthy is fun! This program anyone can do and actually enjoy it too! The seminar was very informative! I definitely recommend going to it! The e-mails kept me motivated and gave me great ideas for healthy recipes.

    Madeline Martinez