Health is Simple, Disease is Complicated

August 08, 2019

flex health and wellness blog Health is Simple, Disease is Complicated

Our human species has not only survived for two and a half million years, but thrived. We have become the most intelligent, most successful species to ever walk the earth. For most of our existence we lived without disease. We had boundless energy, mental capacity and healing power. There was no degenerative disease that plagues our species today. 
Most of our society now lives with chronic disease. We have become accustomed to feeling tired, sick and stressed. We don’t even know that there is an alternative to sickness, a truly healthy body and mind, and that it is within our power to achieve it. It doesn’t come from a pill or a medical procedure. It doesn’t come from the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the food manufacturing industry. 
Our bodies are able to grow, repair and heal on their own. It is so simple, yet this concept of innate healing eludes most of us. James Forleo once said that health is simple, disease is complicated. Health is achieved with clean food, clean water, clean air, movement and sunshine. How simple is that? Provide your body with the nutrients it needs, reduce your toxic load, clean up your immediate environment and spend some time outside and you will be on the path to profound health that is our innate right.
Flex Health and Wellness offers a seasonal detox program that incorporates these simple, yet effective, strategies to health and healing. Join us in a two-week journey that teaches simple diet and lifestyle changes that will bring on profound healing. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective simple changes can be. IT IS TIME!
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