Bee Keepers Complete Gut Health

The world's first propolis-powered gut health capsule. 3-in-1 Complete Gut Health supports regularity and overall digestive balance with pre-, pro-, and postbiotics. Our triple threat of ingredients promotes a healthy gut microbiome, supports brain and immune function, and helps regulate the inflammation that naturally occurs in the gut.

Clinically-studied 3-in-1 gut health formula with pre-, pro-, and postbiotics for whole body health. Strengthens the gut barrier and decreases intestinal permeability. Supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and microbial diversity. Helps regulate the normal inflammatory response in the gut which can cause bloat and discomfort. Enhances the digestion process and improves regularity. MegaDuo is a clinically studied combination of spore-based probiotics, which are capable of surviving digestion and colonizing in the gut.

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