Tests Offered

Tests Offered

Blood Tests

In partnership with SpectraCell Laboratories, a worldwide clinical laboratory specializing in personalized disease prevention and management solutions, we offer comprehensive health status analysis via white blood cell functional testing. We also offer a follow up consultation session to carry out an in-depth investigation and diagnosis of the associated health issue based on the test results. With a more accurate understanding of the risk or root cause, we can recommend dietary changes, supplements or lifestyle improvements that are best suited to your requirements and ensure maximum benefit. We are providing the below clinical tests:

Tissue Mineral Analysis

Now Offering HTMA through Trace Elements, the leader in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Trace Elements is dedicated to providing timely, accurate and precise laboratory services measuring 36 elements, both minerals and heavy metals. An individualized, technically-oriented, interpretive report of mineral and metal levels, ratios and their impact upon specific health conditions are listed and discussed.

Other Tests