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Nancy Mesaros

Nancy Mesaros BS, AAS, CCT

Helping people lead happier, healthier and fuller lives - the natural way!

I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a passion for using nutritional therapies to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. I opened Flex Health and Wellness in 2010 in my quest for educating people and raising awareness about organic and sustainable living and eating. Flex Health and Wellness is central Pennsylvania's center for Holistic Nutrition.

Over the years I have helped thousands of people experience a transformation in their overall well being by making small changes to their diet and leveraging the curative properties of natural teas, herbs and supplements.

Almost everyday, I meet people suffering from ailments who have consulted numerous doctors, tried expensive supplements and been on countless diet plans in search of a cure. However, most people don’t experience any improvement. Feeling disappointed and frustrated, they continue to try different things without seeing results or just choose to live with their ailments.

One of the drawbacks of modern conventional medicine is that it focuses on curing the symptoms and not the disease. Have you ever asked “why can’t I lose weight?” or “why do I have brain fog?” or “why do I always have intestinal discomfort?” Contrary to perception, many conditions like low energy, insomnia, weight loss resistance, poor bone health, poor immunity, intestinal discomfort, brain fog, achy joints, skin issues etc. are the result of poor nutrition and are easily addressable through simple therapies.

What sets us apart?

When it comes to nutrition and health, I believe that the most important contributors of success are personalization, practicality and simplicity.

Each one of us has a unique body constitution and physiology. I work closely with people to create a plan that is personalized to their specific needs and body type. In today’s day and age, markets are flooded with over the counter nutritional supplements and beauty care products. Distinguishing which products are right for your unique requirement can make all the difference.

Several people start with an ambitious goal but set themselves up for failure by creating an elaborate meal plan with an extensive exercise regimen that becomes difficult to follow. I recognize that structuring an exercise program that is simple to follow and sustainable will give you much better results.

I believe that good health and well-being doesn’t necessarily come from exotic and expensive foods or supplements. In my therapy, I focus on using products and ingredients that are easily accessible and affordable.

Come see us for individualized nutrition counseling, as well as special educational seminars addressing weight loss, whole body detox, and many health issues. Our office also provides the highest quality vitamins, supplements, and health products.