Tried Everything But Still Not Feeling Well? You Are Probably Mineral Deficient

July 01, 2019

Flex Health and Wellness Black Living Water

Minerals are essential for human health. They act as cofactors and coenzymes in all of our metabolic pathways. We can’t make energy, detoxify, build and repair tissues or maintain a healthy immune system without a steady supply.

Our ancestors got organic Fulvic and Humic* minerals from plant foods that grew in mineral rich soil and offal (organ meat) from animals that grazed on mineral rich grasses. Now, in our modern world, the produce we eat is grown in depleted soil and we rarely eat offal. The meager effort to replace minerals in our modern food supply has failed miserably and we are all getting sick from the lack of these essential nutrients.


So BlackMP Living Water was created. BlackMP contains the highest quality ingredients on the market today, including 77+ USDA Certified Organic Fulvic and Humic Essential Minerals, SBO Probiotics and Electrolytes. SBO probiotics are spore based and repopulate the intestinal tract with the perfect combination of probiotics to heal and support gut health. Electrolytes are essential for cellular function and to properly hydrate the body. All of these ingredients combine to make BlackMP a truly refreshing drink and the perfect alternative beverage to today’s carbonated soft drinks and sugary sports drinks. It is great for kids, the elderly, athletes and anyone who might be lacking these essential nutrients in their diet. Learn more at

It is named BLACK water because it is indeed black. This powder, when mixed in water, will turn the water black. Rest assured, however, that it has very little taste. Mix some with water in your sports bottle and you are sure to get glances and questions at the gym.


*BlackMP’s minerals come from the natural process of humification. Studies show that this process takes place over millions of years. It’s a result of fruit trees and vegetation decaying and pressurizing to form complex substances rich in essential minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and other beneficial compounds. BlackMP includes the minerals that result from this process of humification. The organic Fulvic and Humic Minerals in BlackMP have more than 77+ trace minerals and elements. Studies have shown that these minerals may benefit the immune system and improve cell metabolism and detoxification and brain function.