Ten Awesome Things To Try

February 15, 2019

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We tend to get settled in our daily routines. Our lives become mundane and unexciting. Before you know it years have passed and we have done nothing of particular interest. Sure we have kept our heads above water, treading the ebbs and flows, dodging preverbal bullets and surviving heart attacks and heart breaks. But does this make a life worth living? What about the fun? What about the extra-ordinary things? What about those little, or not so little, challenges that fill us with a sense of accomplishment and joy just to have ventured a try.


Why do people climb mountains, swim canals and run marathons? There is a natural high to be had just from trying. Just from getting out there and venturing outside of your comfort zone. This is where life happens. This is what makes life worth living.


It doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t even have to be particularly difficult. It just needs to be! Don’t know where to start? Here are ten things to try. Some a tad challenging, some simply nourishing to enhance awareness, health and well being.


1. Run a mile: If you haven’t run in a while, start slow. Try walking around the block. Increase your time and intensity as you become more fit and able. Celebrate when you can run a mile without stopping. A new pair of running shoes sounds just perfect.


2. Do sprints: Try four all out, 20 second sprints with a four minute rest in between each. Keep in mind that your sprint maybe just a fast walk or if you are in fairly good shape, an all out run. Increase intensity as time goes on. Studies show that this is the best form of exercise for heart and lung health and for weight loss. Twice a week is all it takes to reap the benefits.


3. Meditate for 5 minutes each day: That’s right, just 5 minutes can make a huge difference. Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase productivity, lower blood pressure, enhance happiness and improve overall health and wellbeing. Light a candle, get a pillow and give it a try.


4. Drink bone broth: This is one of the most healthful foods you can consume. It is loaded with collagen, minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Want healthy joints, intestines, arteries, skin, hair, and nails? Give it a try.


5. Do one sit up, one push up, one squat and one jumping jack every waking hour: That adds up to 16 of each every day. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown in numerous studies to take years off your life. Get moving. Note: If your circumstances do not allow for floor exercises, substitute with something more appropriate.


6. Sing a whole song out loud: Google the lyrics of your favorite song and belt it out. Singing out loud has been shown to improve both lung health and your mood. Plus, it’s fun!


7. Drink fresh green juices: There is nothing like it. Flood your body with easy to absorb nutrients, support digestion and detoxify and alkalize the body. All this with 6 oz. of the green stuff. Try my Mean Green recipe: 1 Cucumber, 4 Stalks of Celery, 1 Green Apple, Handful of baby kale, 1/8 Lemon, peeled, 1/2” Piece Ginger, peeled. Juice and Enjoy!


8. Turn off all electronics at 8:00 PM: This includes the television. What shall I do for two hours? Read, meditate, bathe, play games, explore tapping or Tai Chi, have a discussion with an actual person, get or give a massage, take a walk or work on any of the above


9. Give up ALL fast food: Every time you go through the drive-in you make the industry rich and yourself sick. Try number seven above instead.


10. Go through your day without complaining: Not even once! It’s harder than you think. When you become aware of your words you can actively create a more positive presence. Practice gratitude instead. This is great for you and all of those around you.