Detoxification - Your Gateway To Health

August 28, 2019

Detoxification - Your Gateway To Health

Many people think of detoxification as a finite thing, something that happens over a period of three or seven days and involves consuming nothing but green drinks and water.

But, really, detoxification is something your body must do on a daily, 24/7 basis – and if it cannot, you’re in for some trouble.
Your body is literally inundated with toxicants every day. They’re in your food, your air, your water, your personal care products, and virtually every object in your home.

Your body has the tall task of removing the toxicants as best it can so they don’t poison your body, and so that you can continue functioning and, ideally, thriving from day today.

This can’t be done in a matter of hours or even days. It must be done on an ongoing, continuous basis, and for that your body requires proper nutrition.

Part of the reason why eating too many processed foods and added sugars, and drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, makes you feel so lethargic, foggy headed and grumpy is because you’re probably putting in more junk than your body is taking out.

Your Body’s 2-Phase Detoxification Process

Many parts of your body contribute to the detoxification process, including your kidneys, blood, bowel, skin and lymphatic system.
But it is your liver that takes the starring role. Your liver filters your blood and also breaks down chemicals using a two-phase process.

Phase 1 involves the neutralization of toxicants, which are subsequently broken down into smaller fragments. Sometimes, however, the compound being detoxified is not rendered completely inert and may in fact end up more dangerous after phase-1 detoxification than when it started (benzene being one example).

During phase 2, those small fragments are bound to other molecules, rendering them harmless, so they can be eliminated in your urine, stool and bile. Proper nutrients are necessary for each of these phases to occur, and if you don’t have the right ones, a dangerous imbalance can occur.

Specifically, if you only have the nutrients to complete phase 1 detox but not phase 2, the broken down toxicants may accumulate in your body with no way out. As mentioned, sometimes this might include toxic byproducts of phase 1 detoxification, so it’s essential to complete the process to eliminate them effectively.

You’ve got to complete both phases for optimal health. Nutrients necessary for this process are as follows:

Phase 1:

  • B-Vitamins (B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid)
  • Flavonoids (organic fruits and vegetables)
  • Vitamins A, C and E (such as carrots, oranges, almonds)
  • Glutathione (avocado, watermelon, asparagus, walnuts, fresh fruits and veggies)
    • B-Vitamins to support cellular production of Glutathione
  • Branched chain amino acids (animal protein)
  • Phospholipids (eggs, lean meats, organ meats, fish)

Phase 2:

  • Indole-3-carbinol (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables)
  • Limonene (oranges, tangerines, caraway seeds and dill seeds)
  • Glutathione (avocado, watermelon, asparagus, walnuts, fresh fruits and veggies)
    • B-Vitamins to support cellular production of Glutathione
  • Omega-3 fats (sardines, anchovies, wild-caught salmon, fish oil)
  • Amino acids (protein)

Proper nutrition is only part of the process. Your body also needs movement, sleep, hydration, a healthy microbiome, sunshine, clean air and a positive attitude.

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