10 Strategies for Glowing Skin

July 05, 2018

Simple Remedies For Glowing Skin

Better skin starts not with expensive cleansers and other beauty products, but from within. These strategies can help tremendously:


Dump sugar and processed foods. Among its many other problems, excess sugar sticks to amino acids present in collagen and elastin, producing Advanced Glycation End products or “AGEs.” Like the acronym suggests, sugar literally ages your skin and other organs. Sugar also creates a tremendous amount of inflammation. Inflammation is associated with all disease processes and skin issues are no exception. Processed food (I use the word food, but most of the processed, packaged stuff on supermarket shelves is anything but) is loaded with chemicals of all sorts. The body will try to eliminate these chemicals any way it can, and that includes through the skin producing skin issues like acne, eczema, and a dull, grey appearance.


Eliminate food sensitivities. Food sensitivities can trigger or exacerbate bad skin conditions. Studies show dairy contributes to acne. Other studies link autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases, psoriasis and miscellaneous diseases with gluten intolerance. Food sensitivities harm the intestinal lining leading to inflammation, allergies, brain fog, skin problems and more. Eliminate the major allergens like wheat and dairy and also get tested for other food sensitivities and allergies.


Fix gut imbalances. Your gut influences healthy skin far more than you might realize. Researchers find probiotics impact gut microbiota and influence various conditions including inflammation, oxidative stress, glycemic control and skin conditions like acne. If you suspect leaky gut or other gut imbalances, work with a Functional Medicine practitioner or nutritionist to pinpoint and eliminate these problems.


Eat an omega 3-rich diet. Dry, itchy, scaling, or flaking skin could signify a fatty acids deficiency. Eat omega-3 rich foods like wild-caught fish and flaxseed regularly, and also supplement with a high-potency fatty acid formula. Make sure your fatty acid supplement is of the highest quality as to avoid rancid, oxidized toxic oil.


Optimize nutrient status. A variety of nutrients play a role in healthy skin. Zinc deficiencies can contribute to eczema, acne and other skin rashes. Studies also find vitamin D can help treat skin problems like psoriasis and acne. At the very least, I recommend a high-potency multivitamin/mineral that provides efficacious amounts of these and other nutrients. Smart sun exposure can do wonders. It will allow your body to make natural Vitamin D and its metabolites. Other key supplements for skin include antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, curcumin, coconut oil, fiber and evening primrose oil.


Detoxify your liver. If your liver is not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently they must be eliminated from your body by other means – in many cases they come out through your skin! A seasonal detox enhancement program can work wonders not only for the skin, but for the whole body and brain.


Exercise and sweat regularly. When body temperature rises like when you exercise, skin blood flow transfers heat from the core of the body to the skin. Sweating helps move and excrete toxins from your body. Saunas or the Amethyst Bio-Mat are other smart options that help release the toxins through your skin as you sweat. One study found a protective effect of regular sauna on skin physiology. Get the toxins off your skin after the sauna or steam. Use a hot shower with gentle soap and even a skin brush.


Get great sleep. One study found chronic poor sleep quality increases signs of aging, diminished skin barrier function and lower satisfaction with appearance. Another found that lack of sleep as well as other types of stress could impair skin integrity. Those are among the reasons getting eight hours of solid sleep every night becomes so crucial. Try Flex sleep strategies.


Curb stress levels. Studies show emotional stress can affect, reveal or even exacerbate a number of skin disorders including psoriasis. Find something that helps you to de-stress and do it regularly. Try meditation, journaling, epsom salt baths, the Amethyst Bio-mat, open conversation, exercise and, of course, a healthful diet. Magnesium supplements can help you to cope with stress and that’s why magnesium is called The Great Relaxer!


Be careful with skin products. Stop using creams, sun block and cosmetics that contain paraben, petrochemicals, lead or other toxins. Drugs and chemicals are easily absorbed through your skin. Try a clean topical collagen application to replenish collagen directly to the face and neck to reduce lines and wrinkles without chemicals. Ask about Purigenix Ionized Collagen Masks. Visit Flex Health and Wellness for clean skin care products and advice regarding edible oils and skin care.

Remember, what is good for the body and brain, is good for the skin. Start with a healthful diet, reduce your toxic load, address stress and exercise regularly. Incorporate the other strategies when you are ready and watch your skin transform.