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Rebel Turmeric+

Known in Ayurveda for over 3000 years, it is a common spice found in Asian kitchens. It imparts a rich yellow color to food and has been used as ingredient to support the whole body for many centuries.*

This capsule has a small amount of black pepper extract to improve the bioavailablity.*

Rebel Herbs has pioneered a technology that combines the CO2 extracts, with hydrophilic extracts to create a new generation of extract that is very powerful but still able to be delivered in a vegetarian capsule. It is in this way that Rebel Herbs can bind together extracts from both polarities of the plant to create a complete extract that is supercharged.

Serving Size:2 Vegetable Capsule
Servings Per Container:30
Curcuma Longa Hydro-Ethanolic Extract** (35% Curcuminoides) (17:1) 728 mg
Curcuma Longa CO2 Extract (55% Turmerones) (20:1) 154 mg
Piper Nigrum Extract (30% Piperine) 10 mg

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