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Rebel Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha is a non-specific tonic and adaptogen. Ashwagandha root rejuvenates without being over stimulating.*

Rebel Herbs has pioneered a technology that combines the CO2 extracts, with hydrophilic extracts to create a new generation of extract that is very powerful. It is in this way that Rebel Herbs can bind together extracts from both polarities of the plant to create a complete extract that is supercharged.

Serving Size:1 g
Servings Per Container:30

Withania somnifera CO2 Extract (9.5% Total Withanoloids) (120:1) 50 mg
Withania somnifera Water Extract (1.5% Total Withanoloids) (5:1) 910 mg

Ingredients: Withania somnifera CO2 Extract, Withania somnifera Water Extract, aerated silica.

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