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Bodyceuticals Bioactive Salve

This skin-soothing Bioactive Salve is an amazing multi-purpose balm made with wildcrafted and kosher ingredients rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and enzymes.  

Great for hikers, bikers & all outdoor enthusiasts. Helps soothe tired, blistered feet, rashes, chafing & insect bites. Use every day for dry chapped skin.

Perfect for everyday use and for a variety of skin issues
Pure and gentle enough for all ages & skin types
Highly effective & soothing on dry, cracked, extremely sensitive skin

Ideas for use: dry skin on hands, knees & heels, sunburn, tattoo and piercing care, nail & cuticle care. Pet friendly too! For paws, noses, itchy spots, and more.
How to use: Apply to face and body as needed. Safe and gentle for all ages and skin types. Use with warm water & a washcloth as a cleansing balm.


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