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Activation Amaranth Oil 1oz.

Their unique presses allows them to extract therapeutic oils naturally without heat so no nutrition or health benefits are lost.

   Years of research have led to the development of highly specialized manufacturing processes that yield the purest, most effective products on the market. 

Here are just a few of the extraordinary benefits of Amaranth Oil: 

GLOWING SKIN: When applied directly to your skin the squalene and Vitamin E in amaranth seed oil acts as a natural moisturizer.
Amaranth oil is often used for skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, or even scarring

A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: Amaranth oil boosts immune function and improves immunizing functions during flu seasons.

OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION: Regular use of squalene (found in amaranth) improves mental performance, memory functions.

CONSISTENT ENERGY LEVELS: Studies indicate it is capable of supplying the cells with much-needed oxygen enhancing energy and metabolism at the cellular level.

LESS VARICOSE VEINS: Amaranth oil contains rutin, which is a flavonoid that has been linked to help treat varicose veins by supporting weak capillary walls.

BETTER HEART HEALTH: Amaranth has shown to lower cholesterol levels, prevent atherosclerosis, and lowers blood pressure.

CELLULAR PROTECTION: According to studies, squalene’s incredible activity in supplying oxygen to your cells decreases the risk of developing and inhibiting the growth of dangerous cells. 
These health benefits just barely scratch the surface of the health benefits of amaranth!  

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